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Quick “lift” update

We’ve been a bit quiet over the last few days, mainly due to being quiet busy with project lift and other castle related projects.

We’re more then half way through the deconstructing of the buildings in Limerick (Phase 1) and we’ll be moving on to transportation and storage soon enough. We won’t be short of things to do this year at all! Micheal from the castle has kindly been taking pictures of the progress during deconstruction, we’re nearly finished processing and organising them so they will be up soon.

Project lift – Raising the roof!

We’re getting there! Extra help is urgently needed though!

We’re planning on raising the roof of one of the buildings soon, an important milestone on this project. Once the roof the walls won’t take long to come down. Since the roof is one of the most important parts of the building it can also be the most difficult part to disassemble. For that reason we urgently need volunteer riggers and steeple jacks (Carpenters and general helper volunteers needed too) for this phase of the project to proceed quickly.

If you can help contact us through the contact link above or contact Dudley directly – 087 909 2593.

Any help is appreciated for this immense project!

Killarney Paranormal Society (KPS) Fundraiser

Killarney Paranormal Society are doing a fundraiser for the castle, a leg and chest waxing! Ouch. They have four guys lined up already for it, hope it goes well for you guys!

It’s being held in The Granery, Killarney, Co. Kerry on the 6th of March. Have a look at the facebook page for more details. Head down, have some fun and watch someone get waxed on the night 🙂

PRAI/IPIC Fundraising

The PRAOFI and the IPIC are holding a joint invesitgation on the 20th of Feburary in order to raise funds for Project Lift. Thanks guys! Hope all goes well on the night.

If your intrested have a look at the post on for details. I don’t think there are many spots left though!

Project Lift – Update 2

This is what this beautiful building looks like after volunteers painstakingly removed 3,088 (30,000 square feet) peices of plaster board with less than 20% losses. This big challenge is over now and on to the next one! We are preparing to take the roof off next week – we need steeplejacks and licensed riggers badly – help us find them!





See the insulation in the ceilings – we have saved all this too! and the electric cables, fittings and other services. Nothing will go to waste …. its time to step in, roll up the sleeves and get stuck in – yes?

Let us know what you can do to help out and get these beautiful buildings on their way to the castle!


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