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Winter Solstice at Charleville

Celtic Awakening bring to you one of the best and most enchanting nights in the Celtic calendar, when dark and light come together in the winter solstice.

Charleville Castle will be alight thanks to the full moon. With the Celtic drummers, a night of fire and shamens with Mary Edwards connecting with spirit, working in the energies of healing and meditation. Charleville will host the most magical and mystical of the Celtic Calendar events of the year.

Touching roots with our ancient ancestors as you drive up the avenue of one of the most sacred oak druid forests in Europe. A very symbolic night. Tuesday the 21st of December at 7:30pm
is one not to be missed.

Refreshments will be given on the night and all you are required to bring is a pendulum.

Tickets are priced at €30 per person and can be booked via

Online payment is preferred and is accepted by Credit/Debit Card or via Paypal account.

Alternatively, payment can also be made at the door on the evening of each event. Please email detailing the number of individuals in your party and the name of each person.
Look forward to seeing you there!

View the Winter Solstice at Charleville Video