Halloween Art Projection on Charleville Castle

Flyer 4Maglus Stylus and Charleville Castle are inviting you to an unforgettable HALLOWE’EN event Join us as professional storyteller Bonnie Vance tells you about her personal encounters with the GHOSTS OF CHARLEVILLE CASTLE while German iPad artist Benjamin Rabe projects images live onto the walls of the castle, using just a tablet and a Maglus Stylus. This event is for ALL AGES and guaranteed to make the hair at the back of your neck stand up – prepare for a night of SCARY STORIES and LIVE LIGHT PAINTING!

Popular Projection Artist Benjamin Rabe from Germany, together with Maglus Stylus and designers Appledea from Tullamore will be collaborating on a massive Halloween Themed Projection on Charleville Castle on Tuesday, October 14th @7pm.This particular project is to demonstrate an exhibition of his talents and the amazing things you can do with modern technology in conjunction with real-life, or even historic objects. View Benjamin’s work

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