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Halloween Fun at Charleville Castle 2016

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Monday, October 31st from 3-6pm

Zombie dancing, treats, spooky crafts and more!

To all your little Ghouls and Boys – come and experience Charleville Castle, Tullamore at its spookiest this Halloween at a special kid’s Zombie Dance Party!

For years, Charleville Castle has been investigated by numerous paranormal investigators and psychics from around the world. Charleville Castle appeared on Living TV’s Most Haunted and ABC Family’s Scariest Places On Earth, as well as on Ghost Hunters International.  Many have heard or know about the castle’s resident ghost among many named Harriet, youngest daughter of the third Earl of Charleville, who died tragically in the main staircase of the building at the age of 6 in April 1863. Her presence in the castle has been reported many times by many different people, that she is still haunting the castle and its grand staircases to this day.

Ireland’s Celtic past has been reputed to be where Halloween or ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ first originated over the tradition of Halloween, calling itself the Festival of Samhain, the time when the souls of the departed would return to their former homes and when potentially malevolent spirits were released from the Otherworld and were visible to mankind.   Charleville Castle is also situated in Ireland’s most ancient primordial oak woods, once the haunting grounds of Ireland’s druids.  As if Offaly’s most famously haunted castle isn’t spooky enough – we will continue to celebrate these Celtic traditions by inviting all goblins, monsters and ghosties great and small to come and join us in a spook-tastic Zombie dance party full of witchy activities, performances, treats and delights!


Taking place from 3-6pm inside the Grand Ballroom of Charleville Castle, children from 2-10 years of age will be entertained with Spooky Halloween Arts and Crafts, an energetic Zombie dance routine to as their ‘trick’ while Tricking and Treating, a Ghoulish Circus Show, Witch and Ghost stories, and a special treat bag to take home!  Kids will also revel in our Zombie Disco to end the afternoon, with lots of bubbles and Halloween music to let loose to.

Dressing up is very encouraged – we will be holding a Halloween Costume competition of Best Dressed and also Best Home-Made Costume with great prizes to be had!

Doors open at 3pm and the party finishes by 6pm – advanced tickets are €8 per adult, and €5 per child, or Family Passes such as 1 adult and up to 3 kids for €18 or 2 adults and up to 3 kids for €24 that are available at K&G Kids on Patrick Street, Tullamore, or contact Sandra on 0833344334.  Tickets are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.  Please also bring your younger Goblins and Ghosties – babies and toddlers 0-2 years are free!  Parents will enjoy complimentary refreshments.