First Ever Irish Festival of Forensic Science: CSI Tullamore

Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

10.30am – 4pm Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd of September, 2017


Every Contact Leaves a Trace” – Edmond Locard

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Help us to investigate a newly discovered (fake!) shallow grave containing enough the evidence to identify the perpetrator!

A human body has been located in a shallow grave in the wooded grounds of the fabulous, Neo-Gothic Charleville Castle. There are a range of suspects but each has a robust alibi.

Join members of the Irish Forensic Science Community and researchers and scientists from the fields of archaeology, anthropology, botany, geology, toxicology, zoology as well as the Garda to learn the basics and try out the outdoor and lab techniques regularly used in crime scene investigations in Ireland.

Work the scene, gather and record the evidence to identify the victim and the killer.  Get your white coats on!


You! If you’ve ever read a murder mystery, played Cluedo, watched CSI and thought I’d love to try it for yourself, then this Festival is for you!


Leaders: Rene the Human Remains man, Ruth the Bones lady, Howard the Botanist, Maria the Geomycologist, Tom the retired Garda Sargeant, Paddy the Geologist, Joanne the Archaeologist

What? Irish Festival of Forensic Science

Where? Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

When? Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd of September 2017

Why? Release your inner CSI, Ruth Rendell or Sherlock Holmes!

This event will introduce you to a broad range of techniques used in forensic science in Ireland.

How much? PER DAY:  €20 for adults, €10 per child 12-18 (Under 12’s are unfortunately not permitted due to the sensitive nature of the event)

Saturday  – Behind the scenes of forensic science in Ireland – try the kit – microscopes, fingerprinting, footprint and toolmark identification with experts in the field!

Sunday – Murder Mystery – Shallow Grave investigation and crime lab


Make and identify your own fingermarks; examine footprints; analyze hair, soil, pollen, plant, fungi, mineral, particle samples for evidence; narrow down a crime scene by Geographic Information System (GIS) study; biometrics of bones; examination of tool marks on bone; put the evidence together to find the perpetrator!

Take part in the excavation, assist with the location and examination of the evidence to narrow down the suspects– we have just one day to apprehend the killer!

Photo shoot opportunity – Join the Usual Suspects line-up, Have your mugshot taken!

Prize for an eagle-eye detective genius on the day who adds the evidence together and correctly identifies whodunit!

Food available for purchase on site

Free parking on site

Forensic Science Festival BBQ – (€10) 6-8pm Saturday 2nd September

Prize for best Forensic Science Themed Fancy Dress!

Charleville Castle Tours available each day 11am – 5pm; €10 per person (booking required)

Tickets are available on

For more information and tickets Contact: Maria 087-3644645

Facebook:  Charleville Castle

Twitter: Charlevillecast

Possible things we can cover:

Shallow Grave Exploration

Fingerprinting – look at your own and those of the perpetrator

Tool mark and footprint studies

Bone and skeleton examination

Pollen and spore identification

Soil analysis

Fabric, hair, fibre analysis

Some poisons and their impacts – minerals, plants, fungi

Use of geology, soil and GIS in identification of the scene of the crime

Evidence on computers and communications – phones

Arson and how it is recognised

Training of dogs in the location of victims

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